Latin Wedding Traditions Explained

If you’re planning for a wedding with a bride or groom of Latina heritage, it is vital to comprehend a few essential traditions. Incorporating them into your ceremony and reception will certainly put an element of loveliness, meaning and entertaining that is seated in traditions and makes from uniquely your own.

1 . 13 coins and a lazo

In Catholic cultures, the number 13 is considered blessed and symbolizes Christ and His 12 apostles. During the wedding, the soon-to-be husband gives his wife a collection of 13 coins (arras) to show that they will share all their finances and support one other as a the wife and hubby. A lazo, that is a cable or rosary, is also given by the bridegroom to his new better half and is a symbol of their indissoluble bond.

2 . La boda city

In many Latina cultures, lovers don’t have a maid of honor or perhaps best man and instead have Mis padrinos and madrinas (godparents and godmothers). These are the people that ensure that the couple get to the big day and are generally like exceptional teachers for them throughout their marital life. They are responsible for sponsoring different facets for the ceremony and wedding, including el trampa and las arras.

3. A separate civil wedding

While the majority of the world possesses adopted the concept having one marriage ceremony is enough, in Latina America, is in reality quite the opposite. A couple routinely have a la boda civil, or possibly a legal wedding ceremony, previous to other festivities with family.

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