“Conductive to your loss”: Can you find the right words

The death of a loved one is not just a loss. The world collapses, you have to collect yourself again. Psychologist Jamie Kennon believes that every grief is in some way – in common, and discusses whether it is possible to find the right words to sympathize and support.

The death of a loved one irrevocably changes the world of the one who is experiencing loss. This emptiness cannot be filled, and, contrary to the common expression, time does not heal.

“When someone is dying, we are not just losing it,” says psychologist such Jamie Knnon. “A huge part of our lives leaves him, and we are faced with emotions that have nowhere to run away.”.

Can in such a situation the phrase “condolences of your loss” to console and support? Hardly. Many studies are devoted to grief. People tried to determine its stages, study the destructive action and find ways to stop this flour. But despite all the efforts of specialists, it is still very difficult to cope with grief. Even if the death of a loved one is inevitable, we cannot prepare ourselves for it.

Loss that cannot be replenished

After the death of the one who is dear to us, life changes. Much has to start from the beginning. Loss deprives us of support, comfort and clarity, leaves vulnerable and devastated. Woe creates a vacuum around us, because it is impossible to explain how we actually suffer.

“Trying to recover from grief, remember – you will not be able to replace the one who is no longer,” writes Kennon. – You can’t just find new hobbies, go on a trip, reunite with old friends and so weaken the pain. “.

If a person has become our part, his place will always belong only to him. Our life is formed by those around us. And if death takes one of them, we will never be the same. Woe changes our reality.

Woe with us forever

It is useless to try to convince the grief that his pain will pass, that it can be defeated. Because grief will remain with us forever. There will be no day when we remembered that we have lost. But the pain that accompanies these memories will gradually dull.

Of course, in the end we will find where to redirect energy. Perhaps the most difficult thing is precisely this is to change the subject of love. After all, it is unbearably difficult to continue to love the one who will never reciprocate.

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